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JMQG at QuiltFest!


When Jacksonville’s quilt show fell on the same day we meet, we just had to meet at QuiltFest instead of our regular scheduled meeting and what a great “meeting” that was! Lots of quilt eye candy and lots of beautiful fabrics and fun notions, what else could a quilter want? Oh, I am pretty sure someone had chocolate there too!

photo 3The quilt in this photo was Jen’s surprise to Angie and it was nothing short of wonderful! Jen won our very first block lotto in May and used the wonky log cabin blocks to make a quilt for Angie; for starting the meetings over a year ago and pushing until we became officially a guild. Yes indeed, thank you Angie! And what a beautiful quilt and gesture, Jen. Do you see your block in there?

And as if that beautiful quilt wasn’t enough, Jen had two more quilts at the show. Aren’t they beautiful hanging against the black curtain?


photo 2  photo 1 Our fearless president, Robin, also had a beautiful quilt hanging at the show. Don’t you just love the colors and playfulness of the design?

photo 4Angie also had a modern and out of the box log cabin quilt hanging at the show. Yes, these sticks are 3D!

photo 2

And last not least, our guild’s youngest Aiden had an adorable kitty quilt hanging at  the show. My favorite colors too!

photo 5That was a great representation of of our young guild and let’s plan on having even more presence next year, shall we?


Welcome April Kier

We are thrilled to welcome  April Kier as our newest JMQG member,  when she  joined us for the Sew-In on Saturday, September 20th.

JMQG_09_20_2014 003

April is new to quilting and quickly mastered foundation paper piecing.  She also demonstrated she knows how to set up a comfortable and well organized sewing area.

JMQG_09_20_2014 005

We had a great turnout with Angie, April, Candi, Jen, Symone and Yvonne.   Jessie and Valerie also stopped in to pick up their T-Shirt and fabric bundles for both the QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge and the Michael Miller Cotton Couture Challenge.

Rules for the Michael Miller Challenge can be found here  Michael Miller Spring Cotton Couture Challenge and the QuiltCon entry rules and sample entry form (which must be completed online) can be found here QuiltCon 2015 Entries – Rules.

There are still a couple of bundles for each challenge left, so if you want one, please contact us asap.  Contact Yvonne, if you haven’t paid or received your T-Shirt.  We’re wearing these on Saturday, September 27 at Quiltfest.

Personalizing your T Shirt is always an option.

T-Shirt Quartet

We had a great time and lots of laughs at the Sew-In.  Special thanks to KC and Jen for providing the bagels and cream cheese and April for bringing in the chocolates.

Hope to see you all on Saturday at Quiltfest.

Flying Geese Paper Piecing Tutorial

Hello again! As most of you already know, we will be paper piecing some flying geese for our Quilt Con Charity Quilt Challenge. Yvonne has so graciously donated fabric bundles to members and interested members have picked up their block packets with instructions. If you are interested in participating but haven’t picked up your fabric yet, please e-mail us.

For the challenge, each packet has two flying geese blocks: a straight flying geese unit and a smaller curved flying geese unit. The same paper piecing method applies to both, so let’s get started.

Gather your supplies! Don't you just love my poodles?
Gather your supplies! Don’t you just love my poodles?

In additional to your fabrics and templates you will need:

  • White or gray piecing thread
  • Size 90 universal or sharp needle (makes tearing the paper just that much easier)
  • A hot dry iron (steam will make the paper wrinkle) and ironing surface
  • A rotary mat, rotary cutter and a ruler with a quarter inch mark.
  • A washable/temporary glue stick. Elmer’s washable glue stick works well.
  • Some sort of card or card stock (optional see below)

Set up your sewing machine with your thread, size 90 needle and reduce your stitch length to somewhere between 1.5-2.0. This is very important for foundation paper piecing, as any longer stitch will not withstand tearing the paper and who wants to see their stitching unravel?

In your packet, you have received some charm squares of different prints and some strips of solid teal fabric. We will be using the prints for the geese and the solid for the background. Please do not use any other fabric, only fabrics from your bundle are allowed in this quilt.

I need to apologize in advance as I forgot to take pictures of the first couple of steps so later used another block to demo these steps. No, the geese didn’t just magically switch colors!

Paper piecing is also called “piece by number” because pattern pieces are numbered and you piece them in order according to these numbers. To begin paper piecing, hold your template up to the light with the blank side of the paper facing you and tab the glue stick in the center of piece A1 in your block.  Place your chosen print with the right side of the fabric facing you (the wrong side of the fabric facing the blank side of the paper) and make sure you allow about a quarter of an inch all the way around.

Step 1
Here’s the gray square positioned on the blank side of the paper with a quarter inch beyond the printed line.

You are then going to add piece number A2 which is the background fabric.  Place your background fabric on top of your A1 fabric so that you line up the edge of A1 and A2 like below. You can use a couple of pins or a dot of glue to hold the fabrics in place.

Step 2
A2 and A1 ready to be sewn.

Next flip your paper over to expose the printed side and stitch on the line between A1 and A2 pieces. Pay attention that your fabric on the bottom is not flipped or folded over before you sew. Start your stitching a couple of stitches before the printed line and end it a couple of stitches beyond.

Take your paper to the ironing board and set the seam and press it with a dry iron so that it’s nice and flat. And here’s where you need to excuse that I didn’t take picture of this exact step (this is actually a couple of steps down the line) but the same method applies. Once your block is pressed flat, you are going to fold the  the paper over the next seam you are sewing,  exposing all the extra fabric under the paper. Here’s where I like to use a card. You can use  a ruler or anything that will give you a solid edge to help you fold the paper across the seam line.

photo 2
Positioning the card on the seam to be sewn and folding the paper over.

photo 3

(Your piece will look different since this is actually the next step but same rule applies).

Next you will position the quarter inch mark on your ruler along the folded paper line and trim the extra fabric.

Trimming to quarter inch seam.
Trimming to quarter inch seam.


Trimmed seam.
Trimmed seam.

Now you are ready to add your next number.  Align the edge of you next fabric with the trimmed seam (right sides together) and stitch.

photo 3photo 4

After stitching,  press, trim , add next piece, stitch, press, trim etc. until you have pieced all of your pieces.

A finished block!
A finished block!

Notice that I used scraps to make my own fabric for the last goose.  Fun, isn’t it? Feel free to experiment in the goose part with improv piecing or whatever your creative mind comes up with.

Here’s another example with the third goose not pieced but rather left as a negative space.

photo 5Usually at this point, we will be trimming the block, but we are going to leave these blocks as is since it’s easier for whoever is constructing the blocks to trim them all to size at that point.

Don’t forget to write your name on the paper and bring it to the October meeting. Strict deadline!

Have fun and if you get stuck, reach out, and someone should be able to guide you.


September Meeting Reminder

JMQG Tshirt-001

Just a friendly reminder that we are not having a traditional meeting this month, but rather we will be meeting at QuiltFest; amongst all the quilts, fabrics, threads, notions and did I say fabrics? that will be there! Is anybody else hyperventilating just thinking about it? 🙂

We will be meeting next Saturday, 9/27, at 9 am by the admission tickets window. If you picked up your awesome guild T-shirt, wear it then. If you still need to pick up your T-shirt, e-mail us and lets arrange something.

The QuiltFest is held at the Prime Osborn Center, you can click here for more information.

Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center
1000 Water Street
Jacksonville, Florida

See you all then.

Sew -In and other exciting happenings!

Hello JMQG members (and visitors:)!

Don’t forget that we have the South Mandarin Library, Room B, booked from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM this Saturday to sew! Bring your machines, extension cord, iron, ironing board, a project and other sewing necessities and let’s sew! Bring in some snacks to share too if you wish 🙂

Yvonne will be at the library until about 2:30 PM and she has two things for you:

1- Our very own JMQG T-shirt. Woo hoo! We plan to wear them at QuiltFest.

JMQG Tshirt-001

2- A fabric packet for making the blocks needed for our QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge! This is our first project as an official guild and we are hoping for a strong participation! The fabrics are yummy and the colors are bold! We will be paper piecing flying geese in different forms. If you wish to work on your block during the sew-in, Yvonne and Candi will be there to assist. Otherwise, a tutorial will be posted on the blog and you will receive instructions in your packet.

If you would like to make a block but cannot make it to the sew-in, please e-mail us ASAP at and let us know so we can arrange a time to give you your fabric packet and instructions.

See you on Saturday!

August Meeting Recap

Well, another awesome meeting is under our belts!  We had a packed house at the August meeting!

JMQG members embraced the August Block of the Month “Wonky Stars” challenge and produced lots of fun and unique wonky stars.  The lucky winner of this month’s blocks was Robin!

August 2014 BOM

We also had our very first Mug Rug Swap. As usual, our members’ creative juices were flowing and we had lots of gorgeous mug rugs.


Mug Rug1Mug Rug2

Let’s not forget all of the wonderful projects shown at our show and tell.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Enough of the eye-candy, we covered a lot of ground at this month’s meeting. Below is a summary of events.  As always, details of this month’s meetings can be found in our August Meeting Minutes.

  • For those who haven’t visited the Modern Quilt Guild website lately, the JaxMQG Group page is up and running.  You should be able to access the site without any further issues.
  • JMQG membership cards were passed out to members attending the August meeting.  Membership pins will be distributed at the October meeting.  Future membership cards/pins will be distributed on a quarterly basis.
  • JMQG T-shirts will be in September 12th and available for pick-up on September 20th at our Saturday Sew-in and will cost $16.76, with reimbursement going to Yvonne Wecker.  If you are unable to pick up your t-shirt on the 20th, please contact Yvonne to make arrangements for pick-up.  JMQG Tshirt-001
  • JMQG’s Quilter’s Walk Donation Basket for Quiltfest has been completed and was brought to the meeting for all to see.  If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t forget to drop by the Quilter’s Walk table, take a peek at it and buy a ticket.  Perhaps you will be the lucky winner of this gorgeous basket!
  • For those attending Quiltfest, don’t forget about the ticket discounts!
    Seniors Day (60 and over) – $9 (Thursday only)
    Military Day (active and retired) – $9 (Friday only)
    Mint Magazine coupons – $1 off any day
    Show your library card – $1 off any day
    Discounts cannot be combined
  • Yvonne Wecker showed us the fabrics purchased for the MQG Quiltcon Charity Challenge quilt and gave additional information on the requirements for making the charity quilt.  Candi Lennox will be designing the quilt and Yvonne and Candi will be making packets of patterns and fabric for members. As Candi personally purchased fabrics towards the challenge, a suggestion was made that members contribute $5.00 to compensate Candi for her purchase.  Several members contributed and for those who have not, you may submit your funds to Yvonne at the next sew-in or meeting.
  • Our October Challenge will be “You in a Quilt”.  The quilt will be an expression of your quilting style and personality.  The quilts will be due at our October meeting.
  • Because we are meeting at Quiltfest for September’s meeting, we will not have a BOM in September.  October’s Block of the Month will be “Wonky Diamond Log Cabins”.  Ruthee gave a handout of October’s BOM. Information and directions will also be posted on our website.
  • Fabric Art Shop Field Trip – Robin McCallister gave additional information on a potential guild trip to the Fabric Art Shop in Lake City, Florida on October 12th.  She will get additional information on potential classes if there are enough who are interested in attending and provide them to all shortly,

Our next Sew-in Saturday is September 20th from 10:30 am to 4 pm at the South Mandarin Regional Library, Conference Room D.  Yvonne and Candi will be distributing the Quiltcon Challenge packages for participating members.  Bring your WIPs and UFOs and enjoy a day of fun.  We hope to see you there!

September’s meeting will be at Quiltfest on Saturday, September 27th at 9:00 a.m. in front of the ticket box office of the Prime Osborn Convention Center.  Don’t forget to wear your JMQG t-shirts!

We’ll see you there!

Happy Quilting!

Quilt Your Style Challenge

    Quilt Your Style Challenge!

Since we are not having an official meeting for September, we thought a fun challenge is in order! We are calling it: Quilt Your Style! What does that mean? Very simple, a quilt that is all about YOU; your style, your colors, your personality, whatever revs your creative engine.

A few rules:

– To keep this a fun and easy project, let’s limit the size to no larger than 30”. By all means, if you want to make a queen size, go ahead, we’d love to see it, but a smaller quilt gets you in the challenge just as well.

-You can use any fabrics, any colors, any techniques, whatever YOUR style is, we want to see it. The sky is your limit.

-We’d prefer for the challenge quilt to be an actual quilted and bound quilt, but if all you have is the top, bring it anyway.

-Challenge quilts are due for the October meeting, 10/25/2014. We will look at all the quilts and there just might be some fun prizes 🙂

-Most important, show us your style and have fun doing it.

Not sure what your style is? This just might be the perfect opportunity for you to find out 🙂

Happy Quilting!