Quilt Your Style Challenge

    Quilt Your Style Challenge!

Since we are not having an official meeting for September, we thought a fun challenge is in order! We are calling it: Quilt Your Style! What does that mean? Very simple, a quilt that is all about YOU; your style, your colors, your personality, whatever revs your creative engine.

A few rules:

– To keep this a fun and easy project, let’s limit the size to no larger than 30”. By all means, if you want to make a queen size, go ahead, we’d love to see it, but a smaller quilt gets you in the challenge just as well.

-You can use any fabrics, any colors, any techniques, whatever YOUR style is, we want to see it. The sky is your limit.

-We’d prefer for the challenge quilt to be an actual quilted and bound quilt, but if all you have is the top, bring it anyway.

-Challenge quilts are due for the October meeting, 10/25/2014. We will look at all the quilts and there just might be some fun prizes 🙂

-Most important, show us your style and have fun doing it.

Not sure what your style is? This just might be the perfect opportunity for you to find out 🙂

Happy Quilting!
















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