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Sew-In and More QuiltCon

This is a reminder we have a Sew-In planned for Sunday, March 1st at the Southeast Regional Branch of the Jacksonville Public Library, located at


10599 Deerwood Park Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32256

The Library and Sew-In hours are 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and the Library is located next door to the Sheraton Hotel at the intersection of Deerwood Park Boulevard and Gate Parkway just south of JTB.

Our goal is to finish the back and sandwiching of the Red Cross Charity Quilt.

Donna Lee, my new QuiltCon bestie from Illinois, sent me a quick message today that she was reading Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s blog and VFW mentioned she had as QuiltCon students two bloggers she has followed for years.  Links to their blogs were there, so Donna clicked through and started to laugh as she scrolled down to the fifth photo and noticed guess who waiting patiently in the registration line on Day 1.

I must say it is one of my best photos….so from now Mr. DeMille, I demand all photos be shot from my left side!!

Kristen Shields is a well known quilter and blogger from Bend, Oregon and I enjoyed reading about QuiltCon from her perspective.  Loved the Convention Center photos shot from her hotel room.

More posts coming during the week, so stay tuned.





February Meeting – Saturday

Wow did the month fly by!!!

It’s already time for our February meeting:


February 28th, 2015

10:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m.

Where?  you ask….

Jax Library-So Mandarin

Right here, at the Jacksonville Public Library, South Mandarin Branch on San Jose Boulevard.

Don’t forget, we have …

The BOM (Block of the Month)

for the February Meeting is the Fractured Block.   The  block specs are as follows:

  • color palette is red and brown  (or any fabric from your stash that has at least a speck of red and/or brown)
  • use any combo of prints and solids
  • size is 12.5  inches unfinished (or slightly larger if you choose not to trim)
  • one block to donate to the BOM member drawing
  • second block to donate to charity / misfit block stash (this is optional)

here is a link to a really good tutorial for the fractured block….

See you all at 10.



QuiltCon 2015 – The Weekend, Part Deux

Sunday was the last day of QuiltCon 2015.   First day all week, I could actually get into Starbucks at the hotel without being 50th in line.   It was a cold windy walk over to the Convention Center and I noticed it just wasn’t as busy anywhere.

My class on Sunday was with Victoria Findlay Wolfe and entitled “15 MInutes of Play.”

15 Miuntes of Play

The class was superb and since I follow VFW’s blog and her FB feed, I really knew what to expect.    My new friend Donna Lee from Central Illinois, with whom I began the week in the class with Katy Jones, was once again my table mate.  We also shared a table with another new friend, Liz Hoyland, from Melbourne Australia.


We spent the first hour making fabric from our scraps only to “Cut it Up” our new catch phrase from class.    We then took a little break to have an up close and personal trunk show with Victoria.   She started by modeling her polyester patchwork jacket.


Here is “Double Edged Love” the QuiltCon 2013 Best of Show.


Here are more…



The centers of her improv hexies are english paper pieced misfit blocks Victoria picked up in her travels.   Amazing what she did with them.




Being a farm girl, Victoria vowed she would never make a cow quilt…


Finally, here’s a photo of Victoria’s design wall of blocks.


Here’s the class design wall and Victoria posted a photo of the middle panel with my little hexie flower on her blog.  Woo Hoo!!!

DSC02929During the lunch break I had a final opportunity to visit the show floor, so here’s my last group of quilt photos.

20150222_12283920150222_122951 20150222_122922 20150222_122907 20150222_122853



20150222_123115 20150222_123227 20150222_123158

QuiltCon was a blast and it was sad to peek through the show doors after class to see the vendor booths being packed up and dismantled.   So looking forward to QuiltCon 2017 in Savannah, Georgia.

The MQG held a Leadership Conference for guild officers on Monday and it was an informative day with insightful presentations in the general session and then breakout sessions  covering, Sponsorship, Programs, Legal, and Sewlebrities.

Well, that’s it for my report of QuiltCon 2015.  Hoped you enjoyed reading about the event and viewing the photos of these fabulous quilts.

Time to get ready of our guild meeting this Saturday,  February 28th.

Maus Out

QuiltCon 2015 – The Weekend

Through the end of the day on Friday, QuiltCon 2015  had more than 6,500 attendees, which surpassed the total 2013 attendance.    The projected total four day attendance should be upwards of 10,000 people.

Saturday at QuiltCon brought the public masses into the show.  It was literally a sea of people in and around the vendor booths.

I found the Tattoo Booth for das Pretzel and yes, that is a woman getting a tattoo on her side.  They were quite busy during the event  but I wasn’t brave enough to try to sneak a tattoo home!

Tattoo Booth

The Cotton + Steel booth had a temporary tattoo counter, so I went there and just picked up the do-it-at-home sheet to bring back to Jen.

Another small gift I found for Jen was this lovely…


My Saturday class was “Piping Hot Binding” with Susan K. Cleveland.    Susan received the highest instructor evaluation rating at QuiltCon 2013, which I didn’t know until I opened the survey after the class.    I almost didn’t take this class since I was waitlisted for quilting with your walking foot with the Chairman.   So glad I spent the day with Susan…..the class was a total delight and her delivery was pee-in-your-pants funny!!!   Best prepared instructor and best class ever.     If you have a chance to take a class with Susan…do not hesitate.

Aside from being totally delighted and entertained, I also got so many tips and tricks for perfect piping and binding.    Here I am with Susan showing off my LadyBug mug rug.


I used the fabric bundle I purchased at the The LadyBug Quilt Shop during our Sew-In on Monday before I left for QuiltCon.    Candy:  I got a roll of the small piping cording and Susan offers a great price on her website.

We played on the Janome 3160 machine during class.   That’s another benefit of QuiltCon classes: getting to use all these different machines.  This was a really good machine , but still not giving up my Opal 690Q.

Here are a few photos of some of Susan’s quilts from her trunk show.




Also got some great applique’ and quilting tips from Susan.    If you didn’t hear me before…This was the best class ever!!!!

QuiltCon – The Weekend Part Dos  coming later tonight, so stay tuned.

Maus Out


QuiltCon Day 2 – Just Like Being Here in Austin!!

Before I regale in the events of Friday, I thought I should show you my accommodations.

When I registered for QuiltCon last July,  all the nearby hotels were sold out at the event rate, so I booked a hotel out at the airport and planned to drive in each day.   A couple of weeks ago, I started to look at parking rates and realized that added cost plus traffic in and out of the state capital would dampen the experience.  My ever generous hubby offered up a mere 175,000 points and got me a spacious one bedroom corner suite at the Marriott Residence Inn.

DSC02803 DSC02802
DSC02793And here’s the view of the Austin Convention Center from my window.


The suite is SWEET.    I admit I did have to tidy it up a bit for the photo shoot since I had fabric everywhere trying to decide what to bring for class these first two days.

Today’s class was Paperless Paper Piecing with Christy Fincher.   What a fabulous class and I cannot wait to show our JMQG foundation paper piecing disciples (yes, you, Candi and Jen) this amazing process.  We might want to consider inviting Christy to JAX for an event.

Here is Christy doing a little show and tell with her quilts; all of them pieced using the process she created with her mother, multi award winning superstar quilter, Sharon Schamber.

DSC02855 DSC02853 DSC02852 DSC02851

You also see in the photo above we each got another Baby Lock machine to play on…


The “Jane” is an industrial grade mechanical machine with bottom loading metal bobbin and it was fun showing folks how to thread it and use the needle threader.  All that training at the Viking Sewing Gallery allows me to quickly master using these Baby Lock machines. Still not giving up my Ruby or Opal 690Q.

Here’s a photo of me with Christy at the end of class


I had a chance to walk through the Quilt Show again and here is a photo of the Best in Show:  i Quilt by Kathy York of Austin MQG.  Kathy, a volunteer at QuiltCon gives the quilt she pieced and quilted the white glove treatment.   


and the back


Here are some of my favorites from the show

DSC02823who doesn’t love a little Baby Got Back?


The quilt above was quite dizzying when you see it from the side…but front on is a stunner


This next quilt won best hand quilting



DSC02835 DSC02834 DSC02832

DSC02818 DSC02817 DSC02816

Then I scooted and skipped back over to the vendor hall for a wee bit of shopping and who did I bump into…

20150220_122006 I never knew Jenny was so tall.   Her husband took a number of photos of us….me on tiptoes, Jenny shrinking down and the two of us breaking up laughing.

After five attempts, I finally got into Ballroom and Lecture Hall B to see our Silly Goose

DSC02860As I was taking pictures of the other quilts in the room, I noticed two women oohing and aahing and taking pictures of Silly Goose…so I had to run back  over and talk about it.

DSC02865Following are photos of all the QuiltCon Charity Challenge Quilts

DSC02836 DSC02837 DSC02838 DSC02839 DSC02840 DSC02841 DSC02842 DSC02843 DSC02844 DSC02845 DSC02846 DSC02847 DSC02848 DSC02861 DSC02860 DSC02866 DSC02864 DSC02863 DSC02862 DSC02868The day ended with a fun time at the MQG Leadership Meet and Greet where I hung out with Lora Douglas and Vanessa Vargas Wilson of the Gainesville MQG.   We all know Vanessa as “Crafty Gemini,” and I urge everyone to check out her YouTube videos, website, FB group page, etc.

Just prior to leaving for a late dinner with Lora and Vanessa, we took a quick photo with the Chairman herself..



More fun coming with QuiltCon – Day 3, so stay tuned.

QuiltCon Day 1

Started the day with a long line when Registration was supposed to open at 8:00 am; there were a couple hundred people in front of me.   Once they got the computer glitches fixed around 8:20, the line moved very quickly and I was through in about 5 minutes.


Many of us also got a great goody bag, based on the number of sessions and events for which one registered.DSC02794

And inside the bag…


They also sent us this cool QuiltCon App for our phones

Once you login….here’s the main screen

You can even set alerts for yourself  and my class on Friday  is the next event (since I took the photo late on Thursday).

Here’s the screen for the Quilt Show and Vendor Hall  layout



Last screen I’ll show you is a diagram of where each event is held. This is actually a multi- screen tab since QuiltCon is on different levels in the Austin Convention Center.   You can click on the red dot and a dialog box opens and tells you what the event is.  Pretty cool!!


My first day was six hours of sewing (yes….SEWING!!!) with Katy Jones of I’m a Ginger Monkey fame.   DSC02789Her class was all about taking traditional blocks and making them modern….basically we supersized them.  Her quilt top of nine blocks is on the left in the photo above and we all made four 24 inch blocks.   That’s my Shoe-Fly block on the right (the gray and orange).   It took Katy about an hour to notice the yellow block (top middle) was wrong.

Katy’s materials did not arrive in Austin from the UK, so we had to wing it, which was part of the fun.   Lot’s of math and a bit of seam ripping.  We each had a Baby Lock “Rachel” sewing machine which we could purchase for the low price of


Where’s my Opal when I need it!!!   Kept looking for the exclusive sensor system and scissors.

Here are my four finished blocks


The day was a blast and Katy signed my badgeDSC02805
As you can see, I had a lot of events scheduled (and purchased ) for Day one.  Didn’t make yoga….hahahaha…..what was I thinking when I selected that every day.   Didn’t make the copyright lecture either since I did have to get a bite to eat.   Stayed for half of the lecture with Alexia Marcelle Abegg.   It was just okay and I was distracted since many of the QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge quilts were hanging in Lecture Hall A.   Our Silly Goose was not there, so I had to find it ….  It was next door in Lecture Hall B which is a more intimate setting.   Just got a peek from the door since I wasn’t signed up for that lecture.  Will get some photos on Friday.

Since I had some time (all of ten minutes)  I stopped by the Sizzix booth and got a great deal on the Big Shot Pro which will be shipped to the house..  Also had fun with, guess who…
20150219_135628Hmmmm…might be time for the Botox or eyejob!!!!  Yikes.

Then I quickly walked the show floor looking at the winning quilts.  Here are a few of them…

20150219_134720 20150219_134732 20150219_134517 20150219_134500 20150219_134436 20150219_134838 20150219_134740 20150219_134847 20150219_134902 20150219_134909 20150219_134924 20150219_140954
20150219_141004 20150219_134408 20150219_134337

More quilt photos coming on Day 2.

We wrapped up Day 1 with the Moda Dance Party.  They had to move the event because of the number of people who purchased it.  It was held at Mohawk Bar a multi-level rustic locale about a twenty minute walk from the hotel.  When I got there….it was like the morning all over again… a few hundred people back in line but this time in the cold windy night.    Here’s a shot from the rooftop deck of the line about an hour after I got in.

Ended the evening with a Pecan Dark Ale….yum

More QuiltCon fun coming your way.

So, We Had This Sew-In

American Red Cross


We had our sew-in during the evening of February 16th to work on the charity quilt for the American Red Cross Silent Auction event planned for March 15th.

JMQG 011

Robin, Jen, KC and Yvonne played with scrappage, shown below on just one of the three fabric tables.   We took this …

JMQG 014
and turned it into this….

JMQG 019

We were still playing with the layout at 9:30 p.m. when Jen volunteered to take the blocks (after many photos were snapped) and finish piecing the top this week.

We did start with a vision of red crosses on white tone-on-tone background and the opposite white crosses on red background.   Our plan was always to have the crosses a little to a lot wonky.

The creative juices were definitely flowing and after we added some very structured blocks to the layout ,  we all decided to add our personal signature color into the mix.

KC created a stunning purple and red block.

KC's purple block


Robin added her signature teal to a cross.  Jen made a wonky orange toned star and Yvonne  added her signature Kona Ash.  Jen then added Kona Steel to the mix and it became magical.   You can see some of the magic in the layout photo above.

Jen is making an improv section for the quiltback and Robin will put it all together and do the quilting.   Yvonne will add the binding and we expect to showcase the finished product the first week in March.

Many thanks to Rikki at Ladybug Quilt Shop for providing her space, encouragement and insight in getting the blocks to come together.  Many many thanks to Robin for taking the lead on the project and to KC, Jen and Yvonne for working on another labor of love.

Can’t wait to see it finished, so stay tuned.


Maus Out



January 2015 Meeting Highlights

Hello JMQG Members:

We had a great time at our meeting on January 24th at the usual place….South Mandarin Branch of the Jacksonville Public Library.  It’s always good to give a shout out to the river city’s assets.

Jax Library-So Mandarin


We had a phenomenal turnout of paid members who were joined by six new or familiar faces in our midst:  Leslie Amodeo, Marita Eng, Mary Hoskins, Ruth Jackl, Laurie Long and Jean Newton.   We were thrilled when Marita, Mary, Ruth and Laurie  officially joined the guild during the meeting.   This was also the first official meeting for KC Paetzold as a member.   A very quilty welcome to all of you.

Here are some of the highlights from the Show and Tell:

Marita Eng's (free hand) Appliqued Quilt
Marita Eng’s (free hand) Appliqued Quilt
Laurie Long's Quilt
Laurie Long’s Quilt
Ruth Jackl's quilt
Ruth Jackl’s Quilt
Candi Lennox's Quilt
Candi Lennox’s Quilt
Mary Hoskins' New York Beauty Quilt
Mary Hoskins’ New York Beauty Quilt


KC's Quilt for his daughter
KC’s Quilt for his daughter
Another KC Quilt for his daughter
Another KC Quilt for his daughter
Jen's Latest Quilt
Jen’s Latest Quilt
Another Jen Quilt
Another Jen Quilt

As you can see, Show and Tell had lots of beautiful quilts.  Cannot wait to see  what lovelies we have for our February Show and Tell.

The minutes from the January meeting have been added to out Meeting  Minutes tab.  Please take a moment to review the minutes prior to the February 28th meeting.  Any changes or corrections should be brought to our attention then.

The BOM (Block of the Month)

for the February Meeting is the Fractured Block.   The  block specs are as follows:

  • color palette is red and brown
  • use any combo of prints and solids
  • size is 12.5  inches unfinished (or slightly larger if you choose not to trim)
  • one block to donate to the BOM member drawing
  • second block to donate to charity / misfit block stash (this is optional)

here is a link to a really good tutorial for the fractured block….


We have a sew-in planned for the President’s Day Holiday on Monday, February 16th from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. at Ladybug Quilt Shop on 1400 Casset Avenue.

Ladybugs Quilt Shop We are trying to finalize the design for our American Red Cross Charity Quilt.

Follow-up posts will be coming out over the next two weeks to remind us of our sew-ins and the February meeting.

Hope to see everyone at the Ladybug Quilt Shop on the 16th.

Maus is Out