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Round Robin 2nd edition

Round Robin centers
Round Robin centers

Look at all those colorful centers. Great job everyone!

Below are a list of the 4 groups…

Group 1 = Jen →Ruth→Janette→Angie

Group 2 = Robin→Jamie→MaryAnn→Adam

Group 3 = Yvonne→Christy→Tony→Adele

Group 4 = Candi→Laurie→Sarah→Bonita

First round is due for trade off at the September 19th meeting

Happy Sewing!

~das Jen


September BOM – Improv Half Pineapple Log Cabin Block

Hey Hey Hey Peep-a-deeps! So I thought it was time I started visiting some of the BOMs we did more than a year ago back before many of our members joined. My plan was to do the Wonky Log cabin. While conversing with other members our Sept BOM somehow morphed from your standard Wonky Log cabin to this sweet Improv Half Pineapple Log Cabin Block!


  1. Triangles are to be solid white as shown in the picture above. The other colors are Orange, Yellow, and bright Pink solids. No tonals or pattern fabric for this block.
  2. block needs to be squared up to 12.5 inches unfinished

So let’s get started…

I started with a white square and did a flip n sew to add the bright pink triangle
I started with a white square and did a flip n sew to add the bright pink triangle. This start is what you are going to build off of. I then added the yellow strips.
Next add a white triangle (no need to be exact - this will put the wonky into it)
Next add a white triangle (no need to be exact – this will put the wonky into it)
Sew and trim the excess
Sew and trim the excess
Flip up the white triangle and iron (make your iron your best friend, it really does make a difference)
Flip up the white triangle and iron (make your iron your best friend, it really does make a difference)
Then just continue to build
Then just continue to build
Back of block, all trimmed, ironed and starched
Back of block… all trimmed, ironed and starched

Improv Half Pineapple Log Cabin Block

It is a pretty simple block that I feel comes out looking quite stunning. I can’t wait to see all of ours together on the wall at our September meeting!

~das Jen

August Meeting Highlights

Seventeen members joined in for our August meeting, where we gained JMQG member #30! A big welcome to MaryAnn Mings, we look forward to getting to know you more!

You can view the August Minutes here.  Lots of business was taken care of like forming a nomination committee for our upcoming November elections, as well as securing a place for our Christmas Holiday party. Many thanks to our sweet Ruth for graciously inviting us to her home!

The biggest excitement at the meeting was the presentation and exchange of the centers of our Round Robin quilts. How different they all are! And what fun it is going to be looking at these centers all grown up in December! Stay tuned for these final pictures as our members, plan, plot and sew these babies.


The Jacksonville Sunrise BOM blocks looked fantastic next to one another on the wall. Robin won the block lotto, but took pity on Candi (who whined at every meeting for having never won) and gave her the blocks. Whining works! Thank you, Robin 🙂

Jacksonville Sunrise BOM 1 Jacksonville Sunrise BOM 2

And as usual, lots of oohing and aahing over the quilts brought for show and tell.

Check out Christy’s  quilt (which will be at QuiltFest) and the awesome back!

Christy's Quilt

Christy's quilt back

And look at Mary’s awesome finishes. The second is one she made from the branch blocks she won in March!

Mary's quilt 1Mary's quilt 2

Janette showed us her impulse fabric purchase turned into a gorgeous top!

Janette's top

And for one more BOM winning finish; Angie made this beautiful quilt from the improv chevron blocks she won in November!

Angie's quilt

Back complete with a label!

Angie's quilt back

A few reminders:

  • Please checkout our calendar for future scheduled sew-ins and meeting dates changes for the rest of the year, as we accommodate QuiltFest and the upcoming holidays.
  • Per members’ suggestions, we started a closed Facebook Group for our active members only as place to chat and share information that you may not want to share on the open web. We tried adding all the members that we could find on Facebook, if you haven’t been added, please request to join.

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts for our BOM and FMQ challenge!

Spotlight shines on…Bonita!

1- Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about where you are from, work, family etc.

My name is Bonita. I am a veteran. I have 3 children, 43, 41, & 35. I have 4 grandchildren ages 15,13,6,& 2.

2-  Tell us about when and how you started quilting.

My grandmother got me interested in sewing & patchwork. I learned how to sew on a Singer treadle, that belonged to my grandmother.

3- What’s your favorite part about quilting? Least favorite?

I like to use scissors and do piece work the best.

4- Any favorite technique or one you wish to learn?

I would like to do more handquilting and Big stitch quilting

5- What fabrics are you drawn to? Any particular styles or colors?

Fabric wise I like vintage cottons from 60’s and 70’s

6- Who is your favorite quilter (whether international, national or local)? Any blogs you love to follow?

My favorite quilter is Bonnie Hunter & one of my favorite blogs is crazymomquilts.

7- Tell us about where you sew! Your stash? Your sewing machine/s.

I sew at dinning room table. The light is excellent. I have several Singers & 2 Vikings.

8- Are you organized? Tell us, we won’t judge! If you are, what would you say the one thing that helped you organize the most?

I am not organized, but Jen is. I try to sew everyday. I prefer sewing over household chores.

Thank you Bonita for sharing with us!

August Meeting Reminder and IMPORTANT Guild business information

Hello JMQG members and blog visitors! Just a quick reminder that we will be having our August meeting this coming Saturday, 8/22, at the South Mandarin library at 10:30. Please remember our Jacksonville Sunrise BOM and our Belly Button FMQ challenge.  Also Round Robin participants, don’t forget to bring in the start of your quilt.  Please remember that if you won’t be able to make it to the meeting, it’s your responsibility to coordinate to get your quilt center to the meeting. Feel free to e-mail us at jaxmqg at gmail dot com if you need to coordinate the dropping off of your RR center.

Ok, now this is important. We are so close to the end of year (where did it go anyway?) and we must form a nomination committee at the August meeting to collect names of those interested to run for one of the four offices for JMQG (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary) and to oversee the elections that will be held in November. Here’s the deal, any member in good standing can run for any office at JMQG (no negative campaigning OK ?:):)). If you are interested in running for office, you cannot serve on the nomination committee. Current officers also cannot serve on the nomination committee. Everybody else who is NOT interested in running for office, please volunteer for the nomination committee, we need three people to do this. More details on nomination committee tasks will be given during the meeting, but meanwhile, if you are interested in serving on the nomination committee but won’t be attending the August meeting, please shoot us an e-mail.  Those interested to run for office will have until sometime in November (before the meeting and to be determined by the nomination committee) to declare their interest. Elections will be held in November for officers to serve from January 2016 until December of 2017.

See you all on Saturday! We have the room until 4 PM if you want to sit and sew after the meeting.



Round Robin – First Edition!



Hola my JMQG peeps!

We are now have 4 full groups for our Round Robin. I am super excited. That will be 16 finished quilt tops with so much amazing talent participating! We are going to rock this.

Some of you already have made your center(starter) block, some of you have ideas twirling in your head, some of you are decided but need to still make it come to be, and still some of you may need some inspiration. So here are the ones that Robin, Candi, Yvonne, and I created.

Robin's Center Block
Robin’s Center Block
Robin_ 2nd Round by Candi
Robin_ 2nd Round by Candi
Robin_ 3rd Round by Jen
Robin_ 3rd Round by Jen
Robin_ 4th Round by Yvonne
Robin_ 4th Round by Yvonne



Candi_Center Block
Candi_Center Block
Candi_2nd Round by Jen
Candi_2nd Round by Jen
Candi_3rd Round by Yvonne
Candi_3rd Round by Yvonne
Candi_4th Round by Robin
Candi_4th Round by Robin



Yvonne's Center Block
Yvonne’s Center Block
Yvonne_2nd Round by Robin
Yvonne_2nd Round by Robin
Yvonne_3rd Round by Candi
Yvonne_3rd Round by Candi
Yvonne_4th Round by Jen
Yvonne_4th Round by Jen
Jen's Center Block
Jen’s Center Block
1st round - Yvonne 2nd round - Robin 3rd round - Candi
2nd round – Yvonne
3rd round – Robin
4th round – Candi




  1. Bring your completed center block to the August 22nd meeting. If you can not be there please get it to someone that will be. Your center should be at least 12 inches. If it is too small it will get lost in the rounds and will not be the focal point in the end result. If you need inspiration try googling “Modern Round Robin quilts” or “Modern Medallion quilts”, Another idea would be to use that orphan block that you love but couldn’t figure out what to do with it or use your favorite modern technique or block to get creatively inspired.
  2. Please also include with your block a small journal of a few sheets of paper. Each person will add an entry. You start with the first entry. Explain how you came up with the idea for your center block. You can leave words of encouragement for the next person or wishes you may have for the finished quilt. It’s okay to specify colors you don’t want in your quilt or to say you would prefer all solids/tonals. Please, however, be flexible and open to the creator’s inspirational direction.
  3. As this is a Modern Round Robin, fabrics should have the modern aesthetic, and be quality 100% cotton
  4. Each round should be no larger than 6 inches.
  5. Each month you will trade off (I will let you know who at the August meeting) ending in December when we will show the finished top and give it back to the originator. If you can not make it to the meeting to trade off it is your responsibility to get the top handed off in a timely manner to the next person.
  6. Remember the completed top should be a surprise to the originator. Please do not share or show until the reveal @ the Christmas party in December.(psst…Yvonne)
  7. Most important, have fun, be creative, don’t be afraid to try something new and remember it will all come out in the wash 😉

At the August meeting I will provide a bag to each participant to store your round robin in while it is making it’s rounds to each person. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

Happy Creating…

~das Jen


August BOM – Jacksonville Sunrise


Hola JMQG Peeps! It is that time again 🙂

This month’s BOM is Jacksonville Sunrise. We are using solids/tonals in oranges and yellows. Size will be 12.5 unfinished. Make one for the lottery and one for charity quilts.

11846039_10153443115624098_2024969107_n 11830704_10153443115729098_1515518223_n

1. For my center I started with a piece of orange about 13.5 in long and about 4 in wide. I folded over lengthwise and finger pressed on the ends to visually mark my center point.


2. I lined up the next piece from the right top corner to the previously marked center fold at the bottom of the orange piece, sewed, trimmed the excess and ironed open. Repeating this step for the left side but of course coming from the left corner. I trimmed the bottom to have a straight edge guide but it is not necessary. Since we are working on the diagonal, it is important to have some overhang at the top as you are adding pieces.


3. Continue adding strips in the same manner.


4. After you have a few added, size up your block to 13.5 width. I found this helpful when finishing off to have less waste. Then of course continue to add.


5. Finish off with a good starching and iron, then trim your block down to 12.5.

Viola! You have a beautiful sunny “Jacksonville Sunrise” block.