Spooktacular Retreat 2018 Rundown

Well, the JaxMQG Spooktacular Retreat was a huge success!  It was a whirlwind of activity from 10/25/18 – 10/27/18 at Christ United Methodist Church in Neptune Beach, FL.  So much went on that it’s impossible to mention every little tidbit, but here’s an attempt at a rundown 😉

First off, a huge thank you is in order to our Treasurer, Yvonne Wecker, who spearheaded this event for us.  So much detail went into the planning that it was mind boggling.  Everyone had such a good time with learning, eating, playing games, chatting, shopping, oh…..and sewing…  Thanks again Yvonne!

Here are some photos of the event for your viewing pleasure……

Yvonne taught a Quilted Candy Bag class…..so much fun…..quick easy and CUTE project.  It didn’t hurt that the bags smelled delicious

We got a sneak peak of the progress on the Quiltcon Charity Quilt!  It’s gonna be fabulous!

Photo Oct 26, 7 48 55 PM

Here are some action photos:


It was so much fun getting to know each other a little better!  There were lots of tips and tricks shared, lots of laughing and talking and we even learned who secretly watches Keeping up with the Kardashians LOL

Yvonne had so much free time she taught a second class….The Mini Tuffet!!  These all came out great.  (Just kidding about the free time).


We took time out to play 2 games of Left, Right, Center….. also so much fun….

And finally, here are pictures of some of the finished projects this weekend.  Beautiful work ladies!!

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped with errands, set up, clean up and everything in between.  Can’t wait for the next one!  Sorry if anything was left out, but so much went on, my brain ran out of room to remember anything else HA.

1 thought on “Spooktacular Retreat 2018 Rundown

  1. I had a great time! Can’t wait until the next one. ✂️😊

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