QuiltFest 2019

We had a great time at QuiltFest this year. We appreciate the Seven Sisters Guild letting us play and help out this year. We were surrounded by so much eye-candy (quilts, fabric, notions, and more) it was hard to control the happy dance impulse. Several of us took a turn helping out. I did a shift as a white-glove —and oh yes! I touched the quilts šŸ˜€. It really is fun to peek at the back of a quilt and find a surprise (fun fabric, a surprise block, pretty label and the like).

But the best part was meeting so many people. The QuiltCon 2019 charity quilt and Mary’s modern double wedding ring quilt attracted lots of attention. We met people from near and far – some knew of us but many didn’t. We enjoyed talking about JaxMQG and modern quilting. We have already seen more activity on our social media pages. We passed out lots of flyers and now are looking forward to having new smiles join us at our future meetings.

JaxMQG at QuiltFest 2019
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1 thought on “QuiltFest 2019

  1. The show was so enjoyable from vendors showing off their wares to seeing all the inspiring quiltworks but by far, talking to women who came to the booth to express their voices and to listen to us as members proudly share information about our group, was enlightening and understood at the grassroots level of inspiration. Great show!

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