Meeting Dates/Times

Monthly meetings are at Spring Glen United Methodist Church (fellowship hall) at the corner of Beach Boulevard & University Boulevard

The meeting time is from 2 to 7 on the last Sunday of the month. We adjust meeting dates as needed for holidays and special events. Our meetings are followed by a sew-in and may include an informal class.

Please check Facebook and Instagram posts (@jaxmqg) for our monthly meeting, monthly sew days, and workshop notifications. You can also check the blog and calendar of events on this website for scheduled activities.

7 thoughts on “Meeting Dates/Times

  1. HI JMQG Sewists:

    I’ll be collecting the gray and turquosie blocks at this Saturday’s meeting (May 18th) for the Quilts for Boston initiative. Do we have at least 12 blocks? If not, I have a few from my own gray and turquoise WIP I can add to get the size right for a comfort quilt.

    I have twelve of my own blocks to send in and plan to post them all via Priority Mail on Monday. I’ll also bring a card for our Guild members to sign.

    Did anyone do the flags for “to Boston with Love” initiative started by the Vancouver (Canada) MQG? The deadline was moved up to May 21st. I can get those out Exress Mail if needed. They will be dispplayed this year (and again during Boston Marathon in 2014) at the Bosotn Museum of Fine Arts.


  2. I found your site accidently. II am Billie McCray a fiber artist, and you can see some of my work on the internet by googling, “my name” or, (name) This is awesome. A lot of person are not responsive to quilting done contrary to the norm. I love designing quilt patterns, and then getting on the machine and seeing them come to reality. Have fun and keep up the good work.

  3. Love your pictures of Quiltcon. Sorry I have not been able to join you at the Library any, we. Are in the process of moving to Jax. Beach. Love the work and the Modern Quilting-much more my style.
    Sara Ashauer

    1. Hi Sara:

      I live 4 miles from Jax Beach, so it will be nice to have another Beaches person in our guild. Join us when you get settled.

  4. I would love to join the guild.
    Delia Bright

  5. Hi, I’m just getting into quilting, and I am super interested in finding a group to sew with! My question about meetings is that I get off at 3 on Sundays, so I would probably be able to get to the meeting around 3:30, coming straight from work. Is that acceptable? I don’t want to be an inconvenience!

    Beth H

    1. Hi Beth: We would love to have to join us anytime you can make it. We meet from 2 til 7 pm with the first half hour our business meeting. We do have a couple of members who aren’t able to attend until later in the day, so you will not be alone in walking in after the event starts. Bring your machine and join us for the sewing and quilty fun. Sunday, December 17th is our Christmas Party annual gathering. Please join us.

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